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Novelty, miniature, and armless robot.

I would have given this a 10 if Ian had LITERALLY just uploaded an image of that severely disabled robot. The very fact that he included such an inspiring and factual song makes it 10 times better. The graphics we're unbelievable, from the lip syncing (do pygmy robots have lips?) to the early 20th century, self-playing piano.

If Elton John was still alive, he'd be blown away by this song, not just a man.

Thankyou Ian, you put the "Func" in "Severely Dysfunctional and Aids ridden TINY robot".


p.s. If you think this review was poor, then read below. Makes as much sense as a chocolate teapot..with testicular cancer.

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A good contribution

This flash was an excellent example of how anyone should contribute there movies on Madness day. What set this movie aside from the rest was the adaptation of the Madness characters to be something different but recognizable. The fast paced action throughout the movie added with the many angles that the animation took was brilliant. It gave a new definition to the meaning of Madness in the form of contributive originality.

The graphics were unfortunately pretty bare, including the scene layouts but they were undoubtedly Madness related nonetheless. With how rapid the movie progressed from scene to scene I don't really think the graphics were an issue but I would next time include a higher volume of frames to make the movement a little less jagged.

The music was very good, what was almost a calm drum 'n' bass song in sections became very frantic in others, which worked well with this movie. Unfortunately there were no sound effects which i feel in place may have been necessary. For example using gunshot and knife sound effects may have made the experience a little more thrilling.

Fun to watch? Very. I loved how quick the overall movie went, the scenes seem to roll from one to the next, which was excellent to watch. The violence and "gore" was also good in a "cartoony" way.

I'd like to offer some suggestions to how you could improve in the future, some of which may already have been mentioned:

O A higher amount of frames to make the animation run a lot smoother.
O Sound effects to match the violence within the movie.
O Make some of the main characters more identifiable, It got a bit confusing.

In spite of the suggestion I made this was a brilliant contribution. It certainly deserved to be part of Madness day and was a very original movie, especially with the character's new look. MY only suggestions are to improve the frame rate and use appropriate sound effects. Other than that it was just the right length and through no part of this movie did I get bored, you did a great job on maintaining the audience's attention. Well done guys.

I hope I've left you with something to reflect on, no offence meant.


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Overly scored

I thought most of the drawing and animation was brilliant, with lots of different styles. Unfortunately, there were only a select few scenes out of the many in the collaboration that were actually funny, without even comparing it to any existing Metal Gear Solid parodies.

I still give it 5 stars because every scene contained something new, which was great. There were some very funny clips within the flash but it lacked consistency from scene to scene and this is the only thing that let it down.

Good luck with the second disc, keep up the great animation.

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There's a future for this guy.

I personally don't think this is any more than an interactive movie but unfortunately I don't think this will receive much in the way of a good score anyway.

I think the animation was pretty good. A nice array of colours was used and everything was clearly labelled (no matter how simple it was). The good points are completely outweighed by the bad ones though. I won't go too much into it as it's only a small submission. Here's some tips for you in the future.

O Test your flash! I happened to notice that the buttons didn't function correctly.
O If you make another interactive movie, make a lot more choices, or even possibly decisions to a plot.
O Try to put as much effort in as you can so that you know you've done your best.

Too be honest, there's nothing to really be ashamed of for this short movie, but it's not necessarily the best you may have to offer as a flash artist. I think it speaks for itself at the end of the day so that's why I have attempted to compliment you as opposed to insult you with criticisms. All in all it's not a badly executed flash for your level of animation, the movement is actually very good. Keep flashing!


By the way, I'd just like to say something about the reviews. You guys that have reviewed it fairly and give this guy some good points and advice, good on you. Sadly, there are always appalling, pointless and desperately short reviews. Bow I'm not pointing fingers COUGH(dogstoenails)COUGH butI'd like to say the following things to him:

1. I don't see you contributing anything to the Newgrounds community (even if I haven't, I should hope through my usefully marked reviews that I encourage and make artists feel good about themselves).
2. You say you wanted to know what the purpose of the game is? Well he's a maturing artist and seeks opinion on his work, but may I add, what was the purpose of your review exactly?
3. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

lillewilli responds:

Thanks ^^

I have done all your tips on this movie, but I'm so lazy, so i let it go :P

Nice style, but one major flaw

I'd like to start off by saying the graphics look really good. I like the simple and soft look to the game that makes it look really fun and innocent. The lack of outlines around most of the graphics also give the animations a smooth, consistent look which works really well in my opinion. I have no quarrel with the graphical detail or quality with this game, it is the game play itself that has hindered its success as a whole.

First off, a few people have pointed out that the jelly blocks are difficult to maneuver. Maybe this is intentional with them being a wobbly substance but they are extremely difficult too move, position (vertically and horizontally), and stack. I appreciate that it takes a good mind to create such physics for any game and I'm sure no-one would question you're talent as an author but the game felt like more of a challenge through inability to move the blocks as apposed to the puzzle itself. A few suggestions for a better ease of use could be:

O Having some form of a rotate command, key press or button.
O Toning the physics down so slight knocks don't have as big a knock on effect.
O Having different substances to improve stacking ability.

These are just a few suggestions that in my opinion could be used in future development for a similar game. I feel that if the features were amended then the game would be more popular due to better game play and happier players.

All in all I've given a 7 because the graphics were well suited for this type of game. The points were lost for me through the overly excitable jelly blocks, but nevertheless it really wasn't that bad of a game by any means. Keep up the good work bud.

I hope I've left you with something to reflect on, no offence meant.


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An excellent and great hands-on experience

I really like this piece of flash for it's creativity and pure resourcefulness. I have the utmost respect for you to contributing not only a brilliant flash experience but offering the audience the ability to recreate the effects you've shown here. As a student in computer science I have to study programming and there is nothing like trying to comprehend the logistics of code. I feel that you have offered many amateur developers the opportunity to get there teeth into action script and further there knowledge of how programming languages work.

The graphics were excellent in this movie. I liked the general layout of everything as well as the external links to alternative views of them. I really liked the way you offered each individual flash file also to be chopped and modified, to give people a hands on experience into how it exactly works.

I hope you realise that it's guys like you that inspire people to take this kind of development up and you couldn't have done a better job with this compilation of tutorials.

I'd like to say well done and what a brilliant idea you had for this game/tutorial.


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mayoarm11 responds:

thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it!

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I didn't know who I was until I heard this.

Mr Kolly,

Thankyou for making me aware of my mother's disability via such a beautiful song. Not only do my eyes fill up, but so do my glacier white long johns. You see, I also shit the bed, only in the form of prolapse.

Thanks again Ian, I'm touched,


Well recorded

I think the struggle with most instrumental recording is the ability to sustain quality from the transfer from the tangible instrument to the PC. I was very impressed with the way the guitar not only sounded well recorded but it was also in sync, and was professionally clean (no mistakes). The squeals were nice as well, you obivously know how to play as well as produce good music (especially with it fitting a certain mood.

As a complete song it was really good. It sounded really well equalized and the drumming sounded extremely realistic. The organs definitely started the song off too a fitting mood, which enhanced it's purpose as a song for Halloween. I noticed the "wave" sound you get with the FL plug-ins but I don't think there's any reason that would ruin or make the song any worse.

You're a very good artist and its cool that you can offer Newgrounds your own music as well as interesting covers of others. I've gotta say I'm apposed to most remixes or covers but yours seemed to differ greatly to the original. I liked the way you took it and as you said metalized it, as apposed to just added a dominate base beat (which unfortunately, is what a lot of people call a remix). It's very much like Slipknot's Vermilion bloodstone remix, only the opposite way round, you took a softer song and metalized, Slipknot took Vermilion and mellowed it out big time.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with my opinions, I'm going to check out some more of your music now, you sound like a brilliant artist. Well done on this song, 10/10.


P.S. Not to spoil it for you but, the number of the beast is 616 according to QI :)

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Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for all the compliments man, I appreciate it a whole lot :D.

I didn't spend a lot of time on this one, but I'm glad you finded it well produced. The "wave" sound is due to the program I used to do the organ [not FL ; )], it was a demo: it's a kinf of restriction. But I will maybe remake this song with a better organ program and a better guitar solo at the end :P.

Yeah, this song is rather a cover than a remix. A lot of people make remix just adding a beat and that's all. A cover is when you take a song and you play it with different instruments, different feeling etc. Nice to see you know what is good music hehe.

Nah, it's cool to hear people's opinion. And thanks a bunch for the great and constructive review :3.

"Six Six Six, the number of the beast" - Iron Maiden : )

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